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Enjoey Designs™ was first established in September 1991 thanks to a friend of mine, named Leontine, who coined the "Enjoey" for me after six long months of not being able to think up a name for my new Venture. It started out as a freelance Graphic Design business drawing logos, corporate identities, selling t-shirts and stickers with my designs, etc. Everything was still all done by hand. Then in 1998 I started Formal Schooling to learn the computer and to pursue my long-time Passion of 3D Animation. Then I learned about VRML* and its capabilities of displaying Real-Time, Interactive, 3D Environments on The Web with high-resolution textures just like a Video Game. WOW! What a mind-blower! That opened up a whole new can of worms pertaining to my 3D Animation; like I didn't have enough cans already open! This new revelation prompted me to Officially Register my Hobby Business as a fully legitimate Licensed Business in the city of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. on 19 & 20 February 2002. (It took two days to visit and register with all of the necessary City, County, State, and Federal Agencies.)

This entire Web Site is the result of over 3000 hours of hard work done over a 12 month period of time!

Hopefully to be Enjoyed by more than I can count. LOL!
Have A Nice Day!
" This Is Where The Future Begins™ "


*(Virtual Reality Modeling Language)

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