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This Web Site is Mostly Devoted to 3D Virtual Reality
on the Web,
VRML, 3D Virtual Reality Art Galleries,
And Free
Fractal Wallpapers for your Visual Enjoyment!

The 3D Worlds beyond this page are totally immersive, Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Worlds,
VRML's (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), within a 3D Web site beyond this Home page. There
are a total of 52 separate 3D Worlds inside. There are 6 differently themed
Artist Showcases with
seven 3D Virtual
Art Galleries in each. There is also a
3D Animation Museum, and a 3D Portfolio
of my Artwork. Please Come Inside and Enjoy the Visually Stimulating Worlds of my
3D Web ! !

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The First Time That You Enter

any of my 3D Virtual Reality VRML Worlds

it may take some minutes to download the whole 3D world

depending on your connection speed.

Please Be Patient - It is well worth the wait ! ! !

Then the next time you visit that same world it should load much faster.

And for those of you who cannot view my 3D Worlds, there are a lot of other Cool Things to check out during your visit here. This Site Isn't Just for 3D Anymore !

I also want to apologize for the download times to you visitors with slow Internet connections. And click Refresh if you receive any errors loading the pages.

Enjoy Your Experience Here and Have a Nice Day !Enjoey Smile Fire

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